How to Use the Share of Voice Marketing Metric to Increase Market Presence


The Share of Voice Marketing Metric: A Crucial Tool for Brand Performance

In the highly competitive world of marketing, understanding and utilizing the right metrics is key to success. One such metric, the Share of Voice (SOV) marketing metric, is an invaluable tool for assessing your brand's performance in relation to competitors. In this article, we will explore the role of SOV in order to boost marketing’s impact by effectively calculating this crucial metric for brand performance. Let’s get started!

Breaking Down Share of Voice: What It Means and Why It Matters

Your company’s Share of Voice is a vital component of effective brand assessment. It measures your brand's presence in the market compared to its competitors. By analyzing the share of voice marketing metric, you can identify areas where your brand excels or falls short, enabling you to make strategic decisions to improve your market presence.

To effectively calculate your brand's share of voice marketing metric, it's crucial to consider various components, including: 

  • Organic social media mentions
  • Media coverage
  • Events and webinars
  • Organic content in blog posts 
  • And last, but not least, web pages

By examining your brand's performance across these channels, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand's presence in the market such as gaining an understanding of the impact of your entire "soft-marketing" efforts, i.e. branding, messaging, positioning, and more.

Calculating Share of Voice: A Comprehensive Approach

Calculating Share of Voice. Made with Midjourney

To calculate your brand's overall Share of Voice (SOV), you must first analyze each relevant channel individually. In general, the formula involves dividing your brand's presence (e.g., mentions) by the total presence of all competitors in the same channel, and then multiplying by 100 to get the percentage. For example, if Brand A allocates $100,000 on social media mentions where the total amount is $1,000,000, the share of voice for Brand A would be:

Brand A's SOV = ($100,000 / $1,000,000) x 100% = 10%

This means that Brand A has a 10% share of voice in the market, compared to its competitors.

Organic social media mentions

Organic social media plays a vital role in engaging with customers and promoting brand awareness. A strong social media presence can foster customer loyalty, increase website traffic, and generate leads, making it a crucial channel to consider when calculating your brand's SOV.

Media coverage

Media coverage is essential for maintaining your brand reputation, gaining exposure to new audiences, and increasing credibility. Positive media coverage can significantly impact your consumer perceptions and contribute to the overall success of your brand, making it also an important factor to consider in determining your SOV.

Events and webinars

Events and webinars are key channels for showcasing your brand's expertise, generating leads, and building relationships with potential customers. Measuring your brand's participation in events and webinars compared to competitors can reveal if you're over-spending or under-spending on conferences and highlight opportunities that you might be missing out on.

Organic content in blog posts and web pages

Organic content, including blog posts and web pages, is crucial for driving organic traffic, improving search engine rankings, and establishing your brand as an authority in your industry. Analyzing the number of blog posts and web pages your brand produces compared to competitors can help you gauge your content marketing efforts and help optimize the topics and audiences you're focusing on.

Manually collecting data from various channels to calculate your SOV can be inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone. This is where specialized platforms or tools can make a significant difference. By automating data collection and analysis, these tools provide more precise, convenient, and faster results, ensuring accurate SOV calculations. 

Furthermore, these platforms can help you monitor your SOV over time and drill down into specific personas, topics, verticals or regions, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

Share of Voice as a Compass for Strategic Decision-Making

  • Benchmarking - Analyzing the share of voice marketing metric provides a benchmark to gauge your brand's market position relative to competitors. With this information, you can set realistic performance targets and work towards increasing your brand's presence in the market.
  • Identifying opportunities - By understanding your brand's SOV across various channels, you can identify opportunities to increase your presence and capture market share. This may involve targeting specific channels where your competitors are weak or expanding your presence in areas where you're already strong.
  • Guiding marketing budgets - By analyzing your SOV marketing metric, you can allocate resources more strategically, ensuring your marketing budget is spent effectively and achieves the best possible results.

Keep an Eye on Your Share of Voice: Monitor and Adapt Over Time

Share of Voice Marketing Metric. Made with Midjourney

In today’s marketing arenas, one of the biggest challenges is accurately measuring the impact of your brand’s soft marketing activities such as branding, messaging, and positions. A regular analysis of the share of voice marketing metric is essential for ensuring your marketing strategies are effective, and SOV provides insight into what is working and what needs to be improved.

As market conditions and competition evolve, it's more critical than ever to stay on top of competitive activity and adapt your marketing tactics accordingly. By monitoring your brand’s SOV, marketers are able to measure these efforts and keep tabs on the impact of these activities on the market. 

Share of Voice as a Key Factor for Positioning Long-Term Success

When it comes to positioning your brand for long-term success, SOV plays a valuable role in helping your team achieve the desired results as a long-term game. The main advantage of SOV is that it helps provide a bird’s eye view across the board. In fact, long-term success often requires cross-channel efforts that are timely and correspond with market trends, competitive differentiation, and aligning with what our audience needs. 

As such, monitoring the SOV marketing metrics plays a critical role in ensuring marketing teams are on track in building their brand and focusing efforts in the right places. Having a data-backed plan to increase SOV can help ensure that brand-building efforts are having the maximum impact and delivering results. By staying attuned to changes in your SOV and adjusting your strategies accordingly, you can maintain a competitive edge and achieve lasting success in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Takeaways on Using the SOV Metric for Success

Choosing the right platform to calculate and monitor your Share of Voice is crucial for marketing success. Brew is the leading choice for marketers seeking a comprehensive and efficient solution for measuring marketing efforts and building strategy. Brew makes it easier than ever to measure SOV against competitive benchmarks and drill down to better understand what works across various audiences, marketing activities, topics, channels, and a whole lot more.

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