Strategic clarity in a world of possibilities

One platform to benchmark your marketing and amplify your competitive impact.
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Your next marketing opportunity - uncovered

Brew continuously adapts to reflect the changing market and business landscape, providing you with clarity to compose your marketing plan and the insights to distill relevant opportunities.

Billions of data points form a real time, multi-dimensional perspective of any market; geo, vertical and audience.

Giving you the platform to amplify marketing’s impact internally and externally.

Map the possibilities and amplify your impact


Benchmark your marketing against your competitors and the broader industry – across verticals, audiences and topics.

Gain clarity of market behavior and drivers to understand your position in it.


Discover key opportunities, relevant to your target markets - from activity level insights  to strategic positioning.

Compose your next marketing initiative with clarity and confidence.


Impact your industry, your customers, and your business goals with relevant marketing initiatives - where and when it matters most.

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Continuous Adaptability

Gathering billions of data points from millions of data sources, Brew attributes and benchmarks marketing activities to evaluate relevance and impact across the globe, from your perspective.

Applying the latest scientific approaches, such as NLP and Machine Learning methodologies, to identify changes and decipher the relevance of each activity to a market level - and in reverse.

Providing you with a continuously adaptable view of the ecosystem, giving clarity in a world of possibilities.

Brew provides a comprehensive view of competitive insights spanning all aspects of marketing to inform strategic planning and articulate the impact of marketing’s contribution to the broader business.

Stephanie Geno, Chief Marketing Officer

Brew provides us with clear market insights to uncover new opportunities, compare the competitive landscape, and distill valuable information regarding the ever-changing marketplace as we see exponential growth.

Rachel Conforti, VP Marketing

Brew provides a real-time view of competitors’ marketing with the ability to effortlessly drill down to the activity level. Being able to look at the big picture whilst getting the activity level insights gives me strategic insights to continuously refine marketing and positioning efforts.

Noah Zaltz, VP Strategy & Growth

First time using Brew was like watching our market from a new dimension. The depth of benchmarks it provides fuels a significant portion of our strategy and tactics.

Omer Primor, VP Marketing

Brew provides insights that give me clarity across both my strategic planning and operational decision making, ultimately enabling me to create new marketing opportunities and drive business performance.

Nir Geninson, VP Marketing

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