Brew for
Strategy & Planning

The marketing insights platform to craft
strategies that deliver results.

Know your path.

With Brew, build winning strategies and identify opportunities based on real-world data and competitive intelligence.


Optimize your persona strategy

Deliver the right message using the right channel with Brew’s insights on how audiences engage with your and your competitors’ activities.

Engagement Benchmarks

Use data for
budget allocation

Analyze engagement metrics across your entire competitive landscape to double down on where there’s already proven success.


Find the right events to attend

Identify the events that are most relevant to you based on where your competitors or target personas are going.

SOV Simulator

Build your content plan with one click

Set your Share of Voice target, and receive a detailed plan of how to reach your brand awareness goals - what activities to produce, and which topics to write about.

Creating a new standard of data-driven marketing

With Brew, visibility into the market is maximized, so marketers can build better informed strategies, and continuously optimize plans and outputs.

Used by marketers like you

"Brew - a must-have marketing performance and insights generator - gives insights into the total market, our performance, and of course sector and competitor perspectives, that we have not had before."

Claire H, CMO

Used by marketers like you

Creating evidence-based products has always been in Ritual's DNA. But our Essential for Women clinical trial took it a step further by measuring the effects of two commonly under-consumed key nutrients.

Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, PhD, RD

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