A Deep Dive into Share of Voice and Share of Market


By examining Share of Voice and Share of Market, we uncover a profoundly important interplay, called "share of voice share of market," which impacts a brand's visibility, influence, and market success.

As the digital world continues to expand, the governing principles of successful marketing strategies constantly adapt and evolve. Among these principles, Share of Voice (SOV), which quantifies a brand's presence within the consumers' mindscape, remains a cornerstone.

Running parallel is the concept of Share of Market (SOM), providing an all-encompassing view of a company’s standing within its industry. Our exploration focuses on unraveling the fascinating relationship between SOV and SOM, referred to as "share of voice share of market," and its role in shaping modern marketing strategies.

Insights into Share of Market

The role of SOM in business growth is pivotal, signifying the portion of total industry sales that a specific company has secured. This valuable metric offers insights into the company's competitive position, hence highlighting the company's market penetration. This understanding of SOM can influence how a company’s market visibility, or SOV, contributes to its market share.

To calculate SOM, metrics like a company's total sales volume and the overall industry sales are needed. Understanding these parameters allows businesses to assess their competitive positioning and subsequently strategize effectively.

Consider an example of a fictitious automobile company aiming to maximize their SOM. They might do this by identifying gaps in the market, such as demand for electric vehicles with longer range, and catering to these needs through innovative product solutions. In doing so, they not only fill a market void but also secure a larger SOM.

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The Correlation Between Share of Voice and Share of Market

SOV and SOM are intricately linked and impact each other both directly and indirectly. Higher SOV means increased visibility leading to greater consumer engagement and ultimately influencing sales and SOM. Indirectly, SOV impacts SOM by establishing a brand's reputation and perceived quality, which again influence SOM.

Both these facets underline the share of voice share of market dynamic.

SOM can also influence SOV as brands with a significant market share often garner more media attention and enjoy better customer perceptions and reputations. All these factors can amplify a brand's SOV. For instance, a hypothetical beverage company with a substantial SOM might secure a larger SOV due to heightened media coverage and positive customer sentiment. Achieving a balance between SOV and SOM is thus crucial for consistent brand growth.

Navigating the Digital Age: Utilizing Technology to Optimize SOV and SOM

Digital marketing tools and platforms have revolutionized how a brand's SOV and SOM are enhanced. A market intelligence platform such as Brew proves invaluable here, helping marketing teams strategize, implement, and evaluate their initiatives.

Brew, our easy to use AI-powered platform, provides unparalleled visibility into a company's marketing strategy and activities. By identifying market opportunities and driving commercial success, Brew enables businesses to stay competitive.

To illustrate, consider an e-commerce startup using Brew to understand their SOV. Brew's insightful data allows them to identify areas where their presence is weak, providing them the opportunity to build strategies that enhance visibility and improve the overall share of voice share of market.

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Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Balanced SOV and SOM Strategies

Implementing balanced SOV and SOM strategies comes with its own set of challenges. Companies often grapple with obstacles such as lack of adequate data, rapidly changing market trends, and stiff competition.

For instance, let's assume a digital fitness app faces a sudden surge of similar apps entering the market. This sudden change can impact their SOM negatively. However, by leveraging insights from Brew, they can navigate these challenges effectively and respond promptly to market shifts.

Brew's analysis reveals a lower-than-desired share of voice share of market, the fitness app can recalibrate their marketing strategies to increase visibility and audience engagement. They could invest more in underutilized marketing channels, launch campaigns highlighting unique workout plans, and thereby increase their SOV, and subsequently, their SOM.

Takeaways on SOV and SOM

The importance of understanding and managing the balance between SOV and SOM - your share of voice share of market dynamic, is critical for marketing success as it significantly influences brand perception and market performance. Today, tools, such as Brew, plays a vital role in optimizing these strategies by providing in-depth insights into marketing performance.

While Brew does not directly measure SOM, you can use your SOV insights to optimize your SOM and strategy. By leveraging Brew's capabilities, companies can make informed decisions to maximize visibility and foster a stronger market presence. The need to embrace and effectively utilize these strategies and tools is paramount for companies aiming for future growth. The art of understanding and optimizing the share of voice share of market correlation can prove to be a major determinant of a brand’s journey towards industry leadership.