Becoming Brew


How do you measure the business value and commercial success of marketing efforts? The ones that create a footprint across markets and in clients' minds; the ones which ensure recall and build the company presence, not solely as a product but as a solution; the ones that sit at the intersection of art and science.

Combining art and science

From its beginnings in advertising, marketing is constantly evolving - and today it’s scientific discipline (with a lot of creative aspects) that is as integral to business and organizational success as sales, operations, and HR. In a world where data speaks louder than words, the ability to measure and quantify digital marketing efforts has made this the de facto evaluation of marketing success, rather than the entire marketing stack - from branding, to comms, to digital to positioning.

In developing our own go-to-market and business strategy, we looked at the capabilities of the Brew platform, not just what it is today but what we are developing towards. To support today’s leading marketers as they take their place as the Chief Market(ing) Officer, driving the commercial and internal success of the company.

How do you define impact?

Like any process, this meant we had to look at the platform and the solution from different angles and remove our own assumptions of what was relevant and impactful. In that, it became clear that the significance of data, platform, and product - together with the advanced data sciences and product strategies - could answer fundamental, multidimensional aspects of business challenges, and align strategy and operations in ways we believe have not been achievable previously.

This would shift business and market strategy, to create integrated ways of working across the business, assessing and adapting relevant marketing efforts, at scale.

Distilling the essence

As we started expanding these aspects, the marketers’ role, and the strategic impact, we realized there was a lot of input that needed to be refined to bring together a cohesive plan - and like the most memorable advertising slogans, the name presented itself as we worked through the process - we were, in effect, Brewing our own business and marketing strategy.

And the name Brew was born. 

It is anchored in a fundamental understanding that marketing shifts and changes, depending on what elements and efforts you combine, how you orchestrate your resources, the insights you distill, and the strategies you develop - which is constantly evolving with the market and business.

Amplifying the marketer impact

As the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, states, Marketing 5.0 is about developing solutions from a marketers perspective, with the significant arrays of data available across organizations. This will enable marketers and their teams to develop strategies which combine insights, experience and creativity, and at the same time is measurable within the wider business context. And this is the backbone of everything Brew - both internally and externally. 

Compose your market view and marketing approach

Distill key strategic insights to evaluate and scope new opportunities

Amplify marketing impact internally and externally

Brew provides strategic clarity in a world of possibilities