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The Brew Marketing Platform offers valuable insights for marketers in the cybersecurity space. According to Brew's data, there were some significant trends in organic conversations among CISOs and other cybersecurity professionals since Q1 of 2022.

Cyber security marketing:

what's trending?

One of the most talked-about topics among CISOs was 'compliance', with a 32% increase in discussions around this topic. With new regulations and standards being introduced all the time, it's not surprising that compliance is a top concern for many CISOs. As a marketer, it's important to understand the specific compliance requirements that your target audience is dealing with, and to position your products or services as a solution that can help them meet those requirements.

Another major trend among CISOs was a 76% increase in conversations around 'vulnerabilities'. With so many different types of threats out there, it's important for businesses to stay vigilant and protect themselves from potential vulnerabilities. Marketers can tap into this trend by highlighting the ways that their products or services can help businesses identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

When planning your attendance in events , for example, be sure to come prepared with highlights and case studies about how your company solved serious security issues concerning vulnerabilities. While it’s not a joking matter, we’ve found that social media posts that have taken this subject with a grain of sarcasm, have experienced very high engagement rates.

Additionally, Brew's data showed a 12% increase in discussions around 'ransomware'. This type of malware is particularly dangerous because it can encrypt a company's data and hold it for ransom, potentially causing serious financial and reputational damage. Make sure your marketing team has a clear plan on how to leverage this topic and be part of the conversation around ransomware.

It’s important to set a share-of-voice goal for this trending matter, and aim high - as we expect it to grow even further in 2023. If you have a PR agency or simply excel at making PR work for you, there’s a low-hanging fruit to be picked, as most cyber security companies are under-spending on this channel, even though it has quite the significance in making an impact on your top-of-funnel, our data shows.

Furthermore, the data shows that 'data breaches' spiked by a whopping 252% by the end of 2022. This is a massive concern for businesses, and once again, be sure to align your resources towards harvesting the increasing demand for data breaches solutions.

Total share of voice per topic, 2022 avg. according to Brew data

Key audiences in cyber marketing

In terms of key audiences, Brew data shows that the top audiences getting the highest amount of content around cyber marketing were the following since 2022: Head of compliance, CISOs, Directors of information security, Cloud security managers, and Risk managers. Knowing your target audience is critical in creating effective and relevant campaigns and building your overall messaging strategy - both the day-to-day microcopy and the overarching narrative. 

Top verticals in cyberspace

Lastly, Brew data also shows vertical seasonality during 2022. There was a 15% increase in cyber for healthcare during Q4 2022, a 242% spike in IOT cyber during June 2022 and a decline by 42% cyber for finance in December 2022. These insights must be shared across all commercial teams - product, marketing, sales and customer success - to better understand and adapt the trends and seasonality of their specific verticals and create relevant and effective campaigns accordingly.

A typical conversation we normally hear about from Brew’s customers, is how sales teams understand their pipeline better when they are presented with this data by their colleagues from marketing. In the example above around IOT, imagine that the sales team knew about this spike, then they would probably make sure to bring it up as a key feature in their offering when pitching to prospects.

We hope you’ve found this report enlightening. Overall, the Brew Marketing Platform is known to provide valuable insights for marketers in the cybersecurity space, helping them to stay on top of the latest trends, key topics, and target audiences. By understanding these trends, marketers can create effective and relevant iterations, campaigns and plans that address the needs of their target audience and help them to protect their assets and reputation.

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