Top 8 Generative AI Tools for Creating Art


Whether you are Picasso reincarnated or you can barely draw a respectable stick figure, everyone deserves a new paintbrush for The Digital Age. You can experiment with countless mediums, styles, and techniques to create uniquely engaging content - perfect for any marketing team, aiming to captivate audiences and differentiate their brand in this increasingly digital era. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best generative AI tools for creating whatever kind of art your heart desires.

  1. Midjourney
  2. Dall-E
  3. Stable Diffusion
  4. Craiyon
  5. Bing Image Creator
  6. Microsoft Designer
  7. Adobe Express
  8. Canva AI Image Generator

Generative AI tool Midjourney

Our first contender is Midjourney, an AI-based tool that stands out due to its high-quality, fine detail rendering capabilities. This tool is prime in its ability to combine well-trained technology with aesthetic finesse. An added benefit of Midjourney is its ability to allow you to deviate from the initially generated images. If you find your results nearly perfect, Midjourney enables you to adjust until you reach 100% satisfaction. While this tool does come with a cost, the precision, flexibility, and quality of results makes it worth the price. 

Midjourney pricing & value: 

  • Free trial - 25 image generations
  • $10 per month - 3.3 “fast hours” of generating per month which allows for around 200 image generations
  • $30 per month - 15 “fast hours” of generating per month & unlimited image generation
  • $60 per month - 30 “fast hours” of generating per month & unlimited image generation & “stealth mode” which allows you to keep your images private from Midjourney’s community website. 
”Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach” made by Midjourney

Generative AI tool Dall-E

Next on our list is Dall-E, an advanced tool developed by OpenAI, the same team that brought you ChatGPT. Its standout feature is its ability to handle complex prompts with accuracy, allowing for diverse and sophisticated outputs. Dall-E has been commended for its easy-to-use platform, accessed directly from the OpenAI website. While this tool requires the purchase of credits for usage, its expansive capabilities make it a worthy investment for those diving into digital art creations.

Dall-E pricing & value:

  • $15 for 115 credits. Each text prompt costs one credit and generates four images
  • Estimate to $0.13 per prompt.
“A painting of a golden retriever getting asked tough questions” made by Dall-E

Generative AI tool Stable Diffusion

A relative newcomer to the field is Stable Diffusion, a tool that stands out for its flexibility. This platform is designed with an intuitive interface, providing seamless navigation and easy access to its wide array of features. Similar to Midjourney, this installable tool is able to give you better results, fine-tuning abilities, and creative freedom. Stable diffusion’s options cater to a wide range of artistic needs and preferences, making it a tool appealing to both novice and experienced artists alike. A big plus is the cost: free! Stable Diffusion proves that you don’t need to break the bank to create fabulous, AI-assisted artwork.

Stable Diffusion pricing & value:

  • Free trial - 20 image generations
  • $9 per month - 999 image generations, average generation time of 4 seconds, 5 req/s limit
  • $49 per month - 9999 image generations, average generation time of 4 seconds, access to all APIs, 10 req/s limit
  • $149 per month - Unlimited image generations, average generation time of 2 seconds, unlimited all AI APIs, 15 req/s limit
”Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach” made by Stable Diffusion

Generative AI tool Craiyon

Another tool worthy of attention is Craiyon, an AI tool that has quickly established a reputation for creating simplistic, attractive results. While this specific generator may not be the go-to choice for photorealistic renderings, it has found its niche in producing playful, cartoon-ish artwork which is a wonderful addition to any digital artist’s toolbox. Despite being completely free, Craiyon holds its own against competition. One note is that Craiyon operates a bit slower than other generators, but as the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.”

Craiyon pricing & value:

  • Free - unlimited image generations
  • $5 per month - unlimited images, high priority, no ads, no watermark, private images, 45 seconds for 9 images
  • $20 per month - unlimited images, highest priority, no ads, no watermark, private images, 15 seconds for 9 images, early access to new features
“Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach” made by Craiyon

Generative AI tool Bing Image Creator

Finally, we have Bing Image Creator, a tool backed by the power of OpenAI’s Dall-E technology. To access this platform, you just need to sign in with your Microsoft account. It is a tool that seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem and provides an easy-to-use interface for creating AI-powered art.

Bing Image Creator pricing & value:

  • Free & unlimited image generation with a free Microsoft account
  • 25 “boost” credits which replenish weekly and allow for quick image generation (can also buy “boost” credits). 
“Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach” made by Bing Image Creator

Generative AI tool Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer, accessible via a free Microsoft account, is a user-friendly, web-based application aimed at making digital art creation as effortless as possible. It provides users with tips and an easy-to-follow guide to navigate the interface effectively thus enabling anyone to produce a masterpiece, regardless of their artistic background One of its noteworthy features is the "Design Idea Feature", which prompts the user to input simple content. This content then acts as a catalyst for creativity, augmenting the user's original idea into something spectacular. To further refine and polish the generated items, Microsoft Designer also includes a suite of adjustment tools to tweak the generations to perfection.

Microsoft Designer pricing & value:

  • Free for unlimited image generations
  • Added features for those with Microsoft 365 paid plans
"Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach" made by Microsoft Designer

Generative AI tool Adobe Express

Appealing to users of all skill levels, Adobe Express offers a myriad of templates, acting as a creative spark to get the wheels of creativity in motion. Adobe Express is slightly more limited in its abilities compared to other generators but makes up for it in its powerful editing feature - while they seem simple, such as precise cropping to color adjustments and more, these tools can significantly elevate your designs and add a professional touch to your creations. The versatility extends even further with the tool's file conversion capabilities, a flexibility everyone appreciates.

Adobe Express pricing & value:

  • Free for unlimited generations
  • $9.99 per month for a Premium subscription which includes more features such as a myriad of fonts and adobe stock photos, more storage, premium editing features, etc.
"Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach" made by Adobe Express

Generative AI tool Canva

Finally, we have the Canva AI Image Generator. Even though it is still in the early stages of development, this tool seamlessly integrates with other Canva tools. What sets it apart is its compatibility with various platforms, allowing you to create exceptional content without being confined to the Canva suite. The key to generating the best results with this tool is providing detailed prompts. However, bear in mind that there is a 280-character limit. Canva has made a commendable effort in making their AI technology accessible and less daunting, especially for those who aren't necessarily tech wizards. They have aptly named their AI tool "magic", giving it a friendly and non-threatening spin.

Canva AI Image Generator pricing & value:

  • Free 100 images daily
  • $12.99 per month for Canva pro which unlocks a multitude of features ranging from unlimited storage to premium editing tools and more
"Golden retriever catching a ball on the beach" made by Canva AI

The best AI tool for you depends on your individual needs and artistic ambitions. As we continue to march forward into the future of technology, remember these tools are not just for creating art, but are for sparking imagination, encouraging creativity, and having fun in pushing artistic boundaries. So grab your favorite digital brush and start creating your own masterpieces.