Our latest product update: easier to use. Easier to act.


The Brew team is proud of the way its AI collects and understands immense amounts of online marketing activity data, but that’s only the first part of the equation. Once we have uncovered all the information potentially helpful, our goal is to allow you to extract exactly what you need, on the fly, to provide the focused insights that drive the most optimized marketing activities possible. 

And that comes down to usability. Reducing a multi-click process to a single click means that you reach that “Aha!” moment quicker so you can make a plan, execute on it, and see results sooner.

As one of two major categories of game-changing improvements in our latest release (see Autonomy updates, here), we looked at the kinds of data used most often and streamlined their accessibility:

- Sometimes it’s all about the channel. The place to be heard might be a webinar, a blog post, a tweet, a news release, or even a full-blown in-person event (remember those?). We’ve added a Marketing Channel tab bar to let you focus on exactly this question, and it features the number of activities in each, to scan at a glance.

- One of Brew core uses is to help you compare your own activities to the market’s (or more specifically, your competitors). It seems like a simple thing, but a set of new radio buttons gives you that perspective in just a click, instead of having to find the data in two separate places. 

- While we are at it, we realized that a similar UI upgrade would help users compare and contrast Share of Voice, by looking at their own data OR their data overlaid against the market. It’s now easier than ever to spot those spikes and trends.

Those are the key additions (though we have plenty of other minor improvements as well) related to usability and the speed with which you can discover precisely what you need to know. Read our previous post on Autonomy-related improvements as well.