Our latest product update: packed with freedom


We love hearing from customers, and feedback has been constructive and consistent: They’ve embraced the concept, love the simplicity of the UI, and are driving more effective campaigns with new Brew insights. So what did they say was missing?


As clever as our product team and developers are, they can’t possibly envision every scenario or every way our clients use our platform. So our Customer Care team spends most of their time taking requests for specific reports and analysis.

Some customers may be looking for wide-open gaps where they can initiate and dominate a conversation, while others may want to make sure that even in a crowded conversation, they get to chime in. Each of them might want to focus not only on their general industry, but on a specific niche topic, in a specific channel or combination of channels, and they may even want to restrict the next round of content efforts to a specific title or role. 

In short, we have learned that it was time for our talented team to put aside their role as “query customizers” and let you choose how to get the most out of Brew:

Reformulating the formula: First, we know that requirements change, competition is a dynamic moving target as new companies appear and claim their share of voice, customers often realize that they have new questions, and there’s new subject matter to contribute. As such, our new self-service approach means you can now add any company, topic, or audience … without our help.

Ready for another spin: We now allow you to create and save those specific, customized views for future use. Experiment with different ways to slice and dice Brew’s data, and then consider that work an investment; once you’ve figured it out, save the view you created for next time.

Look - our Customer Care team loves working with customers. They are friendly, eager to help, and always delighted to learn that their engagement has triggered that “Aha!” moment for a marketer looking to define their next tactical move. But don’t worry - as you get more and more independent using Brew, we’re happy to find something else productive to do!